Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the maximum amount we can request through this grant?

Organizations can request up to $300,000 for programs delivered between April 2022 and October 2024.

Is there a minimum amount that we can request through this grant?

Yes, organizations can request a minimum of $15,000 for programs delivered between April 2022 and October 2024.

Can members apply for several programs under one proposal?

Yes, you can include several programs under one proposal as long as your request doesn’t exceed the maximum budget threshold of $300,000 per member institution.

Our institution hasn’t done a similar program in the past. Are we eligible?

Yes, the intent of the program is to be as inclusive as possible by offering a Community of Practice (CoP), templates and tools as well as encouraging sharing across the network.  We encourage you to indicate ways in which our network can support your application.

What does “locally relevant” mean?

Locally relevant is defined as being inclusive and representative of the peoples, groups and communities in the geographic region(s) you propose to serve.

What promotional material is available?

A robust GenAction branded toolkit has been developed with graphics, social media messaging and key messages to help support your marketing and communications efforts. Your climate projects will also be featured on our GenAction website and across CASC social media channels.

Can we use the GenAction branding for our climate project branding?

The GenAction toolkit with free easy to use marketing assets will help you to spread the word of your climate action project and to inspire your targeted youth, local community, and project partners to get involved. The toolkit was designed under GenAction’s branding which you can use as the branding for your project or supplement your pre-existing project branding.

How should GenAction be credited to marketing and educational materials?

Incorporate the GenAction name, logo or URL ( into your marketing and educational assets, in some capacity, as recognition of being part of the larger GenAction national initiative. Logos are provided in the GenAction toolkit.

How should The Government of Canada be recognized for marketing and educational materials?

Incorporate The Government of Canada logo into your marketing and educational assets, as recognition of their support.

Do Science Spotlight research topics need to be finalized at the time of proposal submission?

No, you can wait until you are approved to choose your topic(s).

Where will the Science Spotlights be featured?

As part of the program, CASC and the Discovery Centre will develop an online platform for uploading and sharing content with members as well as a public site for sharing the learning resources.

What costs are eligible?

The program is funded through Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), which outlines the following eligible costs:

  • -Human resource costs, including salaries and benefits
  • -Travel costs not to exceed Treasury Board approved rates
  • -Material and supplies costs
  • -Printing and production costs
  • -Communications and distribution costs
  • -Equipment rental or purchase
  • -Vehicle rentals and operational costs
  • -Translation costs
  • -Liability insurance costs that are directly attributed to carrying out the project
  • -A reasonable share of overhead and/or administrative costs and rent that is directly attributed to carrying out the project, as negotiated with the office in your region
  • -Any GST/HST that is not reimbursable by Revenue Canada and any PST not reimbursable by the provinces
  • -Please refer to the National Joint Council’s website for your provincial/territorial kilometric rates
  • -Existing programs that are adapted to meet GenAction requirements.

What programs are ineligible?

The program is funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) which defines the following activities as ineligible for this program:

  • -Those activities required by law and/or mandated by other levels of government
  • -Containment and clean-up of environmental spills
  • -Restoration of contaminated sites
  • -Infrastructure, particularly related to municipal, provincial and federal
  • -Government program areas
  • -Lobbying or advocacy activities
  • -Recreation and tourism projects or beautification initiatives
  • -Preparation of formal curriculum materials
  • -Core organization functions and activities such as meetings, maintenance and administration; however, project-specific administrative support is eligible
  • -Annual or regular organization events/campaigns
  • -Expenses to attend general conferences and workshops
  • -Projects and activities underway *
  • -Continuation of projects previously funded by the EDF
  • -Projects outside of Canada

*Note that proposals for existing programs that are adapted to meet the requirements of GenAction are eligible.

Who is eligible to apply?

Funding for the GenAction initiative will be available to CASC Science Centre/Museum and Affiliate memberorganizations who meet the eligibility criteria as outlined in Application Guide and have been in good standing as of Sept 1, 2021.

Organizations that deliver programming directly to the public that become a member or renew their membership may participate in the program by collaborating with an existing member.

We have an existing, well recognized brand. How can we recognize GenAction while maintaining our existing brand?

The GenAction program can fit within an existing brand and the marketing tools will provide options for that.

Does the funding include staffing costs?

Yes.  You can find a full list of what is eligible and what is ineligible on the Budget Template.

Should the programs be linked to provincial climate curriculum?

The funding cannot support the development of curriculum; however, you can connect your programs to existing provincial curriculum.

Are public programs included?

Yes, public programs are eligible if you have a mechanism to separate K-12/CÉGEP results for reporting, program evaluations and the climate action tracker.  In your application you must identify how you will ensure this can be done.  This is a requirement.

Are we required to work with local post-secondary institutions and/or research facilities?

Programs and Science Spotlights can be developed without connections to external entities.  We encourage building connections with local scientists and researchers.  We are working with Environment and Climate Change Canada to get access to a database of climate scientists that they are currently building.

What are examples of in-kind support that are eligible?

In-kind can include salaries, administration, facility use, marketing, etc.  Any eligible costs can be used as in-kind.  Eligible costs are listed on the budget template.

Do we have to include in-kind contributions?

Yes, the minimum is 20% of the total budget.

Is it better to have more than 20% of in-kind or other support?

Additional in-kind is helpful for final reporting purposes, but it will not affect how your application is evaluated.

Are funded programs expected to be free or reduced cost?

In most cases, no.  You can still collect registration and admission fees.

The exceptions are for members who are for-profit.  In these instances, we would have a conversation about how to approach the application.

Are existing programs eligible?

No.  But you can leverage an existing program or event with an added GenAction component or additional programming.  You can also change existing programming to meet the program guidelines.  We encourage you to discuss your specific situation to ensure it qualifies.

What is the Community of Practice (CoP) and do we have to participate?

The CoP is designed to bring together all funded programs to share ideas, best-practices, and resources.  Meeting frequency will be monthly or bi-monthly, depending on the participants’ combined preference.  Participation is mandatory.

How many Science Spotlights are we required to develop?

Each participating member must develop at least one Science Spotlight

Can we repeat the same programs within the span of the grant?

Yes.  Programs that you develop or adapt for GenAction can be repeated.

Are we responsible for translation of Science Spotlights?

If your institution already serves more than one language, we expect that you will translate the Science Spotlights as you normally would.  Otherwise, CASC will translate the Science Spotlights.

Do you want expected participation numbers in the application?

Yes, there is a specific location where we have asked for that information in the application portal.

If we have an existing program, can we add GenAction content to that program?

Yes, that qualifies for GenAction.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

– GenAction flowthrough program, including the application system, how applications will be reviewed, decisions, etc: Stephanie Deschenes, CASC,

– GenAction marketing, Science Spotlights, etc: Daria Goncharova, Discovery Centre,

– Program evaluations, participant surveys: Katrina Pisani, Science North,